I'm Chrizza (ūüĒąKri-sha) Venturina

Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Practitioner, Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, Human Design Reflector, Plant-based living

Massage was the self-care practice I committed to when I was stressed in college. Little did I know, the world it would lead me to in the next years to come.

In addition to the obvious benefits of massage like relaxation, stress relief and muscle recovery, I noticed the difference in how my body was feeling, from feeling heavy to lighter. Over time, massage awakened my curiosity and connection with my body. It sparked a determination to listen to the silent voice of my Heart & Soul and make changes despite of what others may say.

Through that, I was led to the world of energy and crystal healing. It opened my awareness that our body is so much more than the physical and that, what we see, feel and experience has an energetic story behind it. When we shift things with our physical body, it shifts our energetic blueprint. Likewise, when we shift things in the energy level, our physical experience changes too.

Throughout the past 11 years of being a seeker and finding the deeper purpose of life, it was massage, energy healing, oils, herbs and crystals that have assisted me in caring for myself and living a creative and purposeful life in which, I am happy and that my Soul can breathe. Now, I would love to share those learning and support to the community.

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  • Therapeutic Massage

    My massage style is usually flowy and therapeutic utilizing a combination of Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT/deep tissue) and positional release (SMRT). Several clients have shared that the massage feels relaxing and purposeful at the same time.

    In holding space on supporting your body, may it assist you to flow through your daily activities with ease and joyfully be present in all areas of your life.

    Nourish your body 
  • Crystal Healing

    Crystals have a unique crystalline structure which emit a specific type of frequency/vibration that are able to stabilize our energy. Since our energy field are affected by emotions and mental thoughts, during times of challenges, crystals are able to support us holistically and can address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues such as: stress relief, anxiety, sadness, anger, empowerment, communication, connecting within, inspiration, dissolving fears and so much more.

    Balance & Integrate 
  • Timeline Repatterning Session

    The situations that we experience inner conflict with, has an energetic theme underneath it. Often, we may experience that repeatedly in different areas of our life. At times, those energetic theme are connected to trauma that we experienced in childhood, past lives and even genetic/ancestral lineage. They are the lessons we're here to learn. When we're able to process the pain and resolve from the root cause, they become a gift we can share to others and future generations.

    Shift your experience 

Rates & Policy

Therapeutic Massage

60 Min: $165
75 Min: $190
90 Min: $225
120 Min: $300
SMRT Focus Session (60 min): $165

1 Hour Crystal Healing: $165
(appointment time includes intake)

Krystalline Flow Massage (120 min): $300
Massage & Crystal Healing combo

Timeline Re-patterning Session: $165

Therapeutic Massage
60 Min: $155
75 Min: $180
90 Min: $200
120 Min: $280
SMRT Focus Session (60 min): $155
$10 Off regular price for Crystal Healing, Krystalline Flow Massage & Timeline Repatterning Sessions

Krystalline Flow Wellness practices Transparent Pricing; gratuity is NOT necessary.

Policies & Procedures

Rescheduling, Cancelations & No-shows:
Rescheduling and cancelations for any reason must be made more than 24 hours before the appointment start time or there will be a 100% cancellation fee of the scheduled appointment. This policy applies to no-shows as well. Client agrees to this policy upon booking an appointment.

Sick Policy (for in person session):
Please do not come in when you are not feeling well specially, when it's the beginning stages of being sick. Please reschedule for at least 7 days after the first day of symptoms.

Arriving on time:
Please arrive on time or at least 5 min before your appointment. If arriving later than your appointment start time, the session received will only be for the remaining time left.

Professional Conduct:
All sessions are done in a professional and legal conduct that ensures safe space for both the client and Chrizza. Any inappropriate, illegal/illicit request, conduct, behavior, comments, actions from the client that does not comply to the professional boundary of a Licensed Massage Therapist will result to the session being terminated immediately and the client charged for the full payment of the session.


Sliding Scale Program

If you find yourself in a situation where receiving consistent bodywork would greatly benefit you, but financial hardship is making it difficult to access sessions, reach out to Chrizza at KrystallineFlow@gmail.com to inquire about qualifying for the sliding scale program. A few sliding scale appointments may be available during Wednesdays to Fridays.

Sliding Scale Appointments is only applicable to 60 Min Massage and Timeline Repatterning Session.

For other questions, browse the "FAQ" section or email Chrizza at KrystallineFlow@gmail.com

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