Offerings & Philosophy

I help open-minded individuals become aware to the energetic story behind their physical experiences.

As everything in life is interconnected, so is our body, mind and spirit. Have you ever thought that Emotions are actually Energy in Motion (E-motion)? However, when we're not able to process difficult emotions (stress, frustration, anger, hurt, grief, depression), their natural movements are impeded therefore, staying stagnated in our body. Over time, this causes energetic imbalances that manifests through physical pain and illnesses. Most often, that is the case with muscle tensions.

This is where I come in as an Intuitive Massage Therapist. During a massage and crystal healing combo, I tune in to what your muscles are energetically holding. The application of massage techniques, breathwork and energy healing assists your body in achieving a balanced energetic flow. This way, we're addressing each of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of your body.

Additionally, we can further ground that energetic healing through Timeline Re-patterning Session to address core wounds within your subconscious. The guided visualization prompts helps heal painful experiences and re-pattern how you feel about them.

As a creative, I create Intention Oils, Tea Blends & Crystal Jewelry so you can continue to take care of your body, mind and spirit at home.

May you feel balanced and be able to let go of stress and worries. May you find peace within and the courage to live a heart-centered life.