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Timeline Re-patterning Session (formerly known as Breathwork Re-patterning)

Timeline Re-patterning Session (formerly known as Breathwork Re-patterning)

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Booking Procedure
This session can be done in person at Krystalline Flow Wellness (120 Kisco Ave, Suite Q, Mt. Kisco, NY) or through video chat.

You can book by purchasing the session from this page and to view appointment times, please refer to the online calendarFor virtual sessions and our time zone are different there is a possibility for an 8pm-9pm availability, email Chrizza if this applies to you.

For cancellations or re-scheduling, please contact Chrizza at a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will forfeit your appointment and it is non-refundable.

About Timeline Re-patterning Session

This is a Q&A prompt conversation combined with breathwork visualization to target an energetic theme that you want to re-pattern/release. This may take from 60 minutes to 90 min. Please set 90 min of your time when booking.

Are you experiencing frustration?
Is there a specific part in your life that you're experiencing stagnation?
Is there something that you want to change within you or in your daily life?
Do you notice a specific pattern that is causing conflict or stress in your life?

The situations that we experience inner conflict with has an energetic theme underneath it. Most often, that theme will show up in different areas of our life. At times, those energetic theme are connected to trauma that we experienced in childhood, past lives, genetic or ancestral lineage. They are the lessons we're here to learn. When we're able to heal those pain and trauma, they are the gift we can share to others and future generations.

In a Timeline Re-patterning Session, we'll talk about your situation and what you're experiencing conflict/challenges with. Then, I'll ask questions so that we can get to an energetic core wound to work with. In addition, I'll guide you to a breathwork visualization that can assist on healing your experience and re-pattern how you feel about the situation.

Is this session for you?

  • Do you believe in other lifetimes and that you've lives other or past lives aside from this one?
  • Do you want to work on inner child wounding?
  • Are you ready to face certain pain and wounds buried deep inside?
  • Can you be honest with yourself? Will you be honest with yourself?
  • Can you apply detachment when facing yourself with sensitive information about your experience?
  • Are you ready to do the work?

If most of your answer are yes, then, I can work with you!

Here is an example of situation

We usually start with a "normal" everyday life things that we experience challenges with.

For example:
May was appointed a project leader at her work. She wasn't excited about that at all! She would experience anxiety thinking about how to run meetings and would have a hard time speaking up to her colleagues when there are tasks that needs to be done. Through our Q&A, she mentioned that when she was younger, her dad would give her chores and activities to do. However, it usually ends up with her dad yelling at her since she didn't do it properly.
We went through more Q&A and we got down to the core wound of "not being good enough." We applied breathwork visualization with that and then, afterwards, we winded up to another core wound of "being scared of responsibility." We did some Q&A and more breathwork visualization and what we found was a past life connected to that core wound.
In that past life, she (actually he, at that time) was a platoon leader and s/he was leading a mission. In that mission, she saw her platoon-mates dying. That caused a lot of trauma and in turn, s/he carried a defense mechanism of "being scared of responsibility" for others. Since it wasn't processed properly in that lifetime, a similar energetic theme would be experienced in this life.
In that lifetime, the defense mechanism of "being scared of responsibility" made sense because it directly related to people's life and survival. However, in this life, it was now causing her difficulty in situations that wouldn't cause her death. That energetic theme would keep showing up in different areas of her life until she's able to process them and let go of the wound and fear. In this case, we apply breathwork visualization to make that happen.
Afterwards, she felt a big relief and when she thought about leading her team at work, she didn't feel that crippling emotion of anxiety anymore.


For any questions, email Chrizza at



Thank you Chrizza for guiding me through the timeline (breathwork) repatterning session. It was an amazing experience filled with all the right elements to get your energy and emotions flowing. I left feeling hopeful and excited about what is to come for me and I am very grateful for the experience.
- Jenn

The Timeline (Breathwork) Repatterning session I had with Chrizza was absolutely profound. Guided gently by her loving presence, I was surprised to discover clarity on exactly what I needed in that moment. The space felt safe and supportive, allowing me to excavate deep into my subconscious, observe past incarnation experiences and understand ancestral stories presenting an opportunity to be healed and rewritten. Chrizza helped me to discover the roots of the issue I was facing, and then breathe through them, alchemising the energy. The effects of the session were both immediate, and unfolding over the following weeks. I am extremely grateful for Chrizza's energy and abilities, and would highly recommend working with her. Thank you Chrizza!
- Jessica

I am so grateful for Chrizza's Timeline (breathwork) Repatterning session. The space she held for me to be able to become aware of some of the thought patterns that have interfered with achieving my personal goals and general ability to love myself was exactly what I needed. My mind immediately felt calm, clear and excited to g into the world with a cleaner mental slate.
- Ashley

Chrizza worked with me via a 90min Timeline (breathwork) Repatterning session, and it was very interesting and helpful. In the session I experienced three past life dynamics- one of which I was familiar with, the other two were new to me...and as we worked through breath and emotion, I arrived at a very ancient lifetime, and the dynamics that arose had a very palpable effect on my body. In realtime, I could feel energetic and cellular shifts, which allowed me to feel much more at ease and clear. It was a positive experience, and Chrizza held the space with clarity and safety. I definitely recommend exploring working with Chrizza!
- Trella

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