Massage & Energy Healing Combo

Massage & Energy Healing combo

When Breathwork is combined with therapeutic massage, Chrizza tunes in to each body part being massaged to gain awareness on stuck/stagnant energies and emotions present. Applying this conscious awareness during a massage and breathwork session, assists the body on processing those energies and promoting energy flow.

Afterwards, still-holds (gently placing the therapist's hands on a client's body part or energy center without movement) will be administered to support further energy flow and balancing. Most clients feel relaxed and promotes stress relief. 

This session can be a stepping stone for the client's personal processing that they can continue after the session.

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Chrizza's Philosophy

The physical and energetic body are connected with each other. When the physical body is hurting or experiencing tightness, likewise, the energetic body is experiencing stagnation. At times, the stagnation is due to mental and emotional patterns that haven’t been processed. Additionally, external forces like certain food, technology and unseen negative energies can place stress in the body. In a massage and energy healing combo, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are addressed as one to provide a whole-rounded support for the body.

How do I work in an energy healing session?

I see myself as an Energy Facilitator

Let me start with what I do NOT do:

  • I do not "heal" in a way that provides a miracle cure for your problems to go away.
  • I do not "heal" in a way that I do the work and you'll be set in life.
  • I don't do the work for you and I don't make promises in what the outcome will be.
  • I do not work with Ascended Masters or Archangels.
  • I do not hear external voices.
  • I do not channel energy.
  • I do not let outside energy tell me what to do.

As an Energy Facilitator, I am holding space with the intention for energy to flow in its natural state.

Your body is an intelligent architecture that has the capability to return to balance.

When I work with your body, I set the intention to work with your Higher Self because both are connected. Similarly, I work with my Higher Self. I ask your body what's present and what your body needs. Through breathwork, I set intention for energies that are not serving your highest expression to be cleared. More importantly, I set the intention with your body to reclaim what you need in order to return to balance.

It may seem that I'm doing the work because I'm using my intuitive capabilities to know what your body is saying.
However, what I'm doing is:

  • holding space,
  • listening and,
  • setting the intention for your body to remember what they are naturally capable of.

At the end of the session, I share with you what I found. Through knowing what is present, you can apply your own work to further ground the healing. Since the truth will set us free, we have to know the energies that are present in our body so we can set them free too. At times, I will suggest certain practices to be applied in your own time because when you apply your own work, that type of intention will move mountains!

As always, my intention is to help people in alignment with their Highest Good.