What should I wear during a massage session?
For a massage session, clients are advised to undress to their comfort level. Most leave their underpants on. Proper draping technique will be administered and only the portion being massage will be uncovered. If there is any discomfort or hesitance on undressing, you can leave your clothes on. Feel free to wear comfortable clothing. The massage techniques will be modified, as certain techniques such as effleurage or gliding motion will be challenging with clothes on.


Can I leave a tip?
Krystalline Flow Wellness practices Transparent Pricing, therefore, tipping is NOT necessary.

If you enjoyed your session and would like to leave a tip, I do appreciate the gesture, instead you are welcome to book another session, leave a wonderful review or refer family/friends to my practice. Thank you!


How come in spas, I can leave a tip?
In a spa setting (as well as, most wellness centers), leaving a gratuity is common etiquette since the massage therapist is receiving a wage or commission. Please continue to tip your massage therapist in those settings, as they are very much appreciated.

In a private practice, the decision to accept gratuity is dependent on the owner. I've decided to practice Transparent Pricing and that what you see on the booking page is what you pay.


Do you include aromatherapy?
Yes, I enjoy using essential oils and it's included in the session. In some cases, I may even use a blend to apply on tight or sore areas to assist on relieving aches and softening the tissues/muscles.


How often should I get a massage?
It's not a matter of "should" instead, 
How often would you like to receive a session?
How often does your body ask for it?

Each person's body type and intention will vary. If you are experiencing chronic pain and tension, a weekly massage for a couple of months may be of benefit. If your intention is to relax and relieve stress, a monthly massage may be just what you need. If you find that your body is asking for a massage before the month is over, every 2 or 3 weeks maintenance may benefit you. For some, they are happy with a massage every 3 months. Most importantly, listen to your body.

Do you offer Reiki?
I am certified on Crystal Reiki and this was my stepping stone in the energy healing modalities. However, I do not practice Reiki or any symbols in the Reiki system any longer. I have shifted on applying different energy healing techniques. Please read next question for more information.

What is an Energy Healing session like?

I apply energy healing through Intuitive awareness and Breathwork. In a massage and energy healing combo, the massage will be administered first and for major body part/muscles being massaged, I will tune in to the energy/emotions that are present or what that body part is communicating. Throughout the massage session, I will breathe through the words or visuals pertaining to the energy/emotions. The conscious awareness and breathwork promotes ease of flow and for the client's body to process those energies . After the massage portion, there will be a hands-on energy healing, listening to what's present throughout the body and what the body needs to restore balance and wholeness.

What would I feel during an Energy Healing session?
Each person will differ. Some feel relaxed. Some see colors. Some may not even feel anything out of ordinary. Some may experience a cathartic release of emotions.


Will 1 energy healing session be enough? (The answer below can also be applied to a crystal healing session)
Each person's body are unique and generalization cannot be made. Though, something to think about is, if the energy pattern and stagnation has been present for more than months to years then, we cannot expect a magic pill that one healing session would make everything go away. Please keep in mind that Chrizza doesn't see herself as someone that would make things go away for you, "cure" things for you or do the work for you. Her view is that a massage and energy healing combo can assist you in becoming aware of the types of energy present in your body. Examples of these types of energies are: frustration, anger, stress, disappointment, sadness, being hurt, resentment, bitterness, "not being good enough," "not being cared for," "not being perfect" and so on...

Chrizza sees the session to be a guiding tool to be able to start your own processing and de-conditioning. As stagnant energy becomes processed and certain emotions start to rise to the surface, this gives you a chance to apply acceptance, acknowledgement, maybe even forgiveness and unconditional love to yourself. Through that inner work, that's when those energies can truly be released/dissolved.

Additionally, often the energies/emotions/thought patterns that are picked up during the session are the breadcrumbs to lead you the way to work on a root energy cause. At times, this can stem from painful events in our lives or ancestral patterns or past life woundings. When healing is done with the root energy cause, that's when integration and long-lasting change can happen. If you need support for this type of inner work, check out Timeline Repatterning Session.