Monthly Membership

Monthly membership consist of 1 Therapeutic Massage each month.


☀️ Loyalty Bliss: after just 3 sessions, enjoy an additional 15 minutes on your next session with the new loyalty card!

🎈 Birthday Treat! Receive a complimentary 45 minutes SMRT Focus Session during your birthday month.

🎉 Member’s Special: Enjoy additional sessions at the exclusive member rate.

🎁 Gift of Wellness: The perfect present for loved ones! The member rate extends to gift certificates.

😊 Tranquil Assurance: Unused monthly sessions roll over, ensuring your peace of mind even when life gets busy.

🌸 Aromatherapy included.


Membership Rate

Therapeutic Massage
60 Min: $155 (compared to $165)
75 Min: $180  (compared to $190)
90 Min: $200 (compared to $225)
120 Min: $280 (compared to $300)
$10 Off regular price for SMRT Focus Session, Crystal Healing, Krystalline Flow Massage & Timeline Repatterning Sessions
*Note: Krystalline Flow Wellness practices Transparent Pricing. Gratuity is not necessary.


Start your membership by filling out this form or by booking a session under Monthly Membership on the booking calendar


Membership Q&A

1. My monthly massage is for 60 minutes. I would like to book a 90 minutes next month, can I apply my monthly massage for that?
Yes, if this is the case, please let me know during booking. I'll set it up on the calendar in a specific way so that the 60 minute will be taken out from your monthly massage credit. Then, we'll calculate the difference in price according to the member rate. For example, a 60 min is $155 and a 90 min is $200. $45 will be due for that session.

2. I would like to book a session for a family member. Would the price be under the member rate?
If you'll be paying for your family member, the member rate is honored.
In the instance that the family member books a following session and they'll be paying for their massage, the regular rate will be applied unless they sign up for their own membership.

3. This month is really busy and I'm also going away. If I don't use my monthly massage, can I use it for next month?
Yes, unused session will rollover as long as the membership is active. You can choose when you want to use it.

For any questions, email Chrizza at


Membership Terms of Conditions:

  • Membership auto renews and will be charged at the 1st of each month.
  • Unused monthly sessions automatically rolls-over and can be redeemed at any time as long as the membership is valid and active.
  • Additional sessions can be redeemed at the membership rate as long as the membership is valid and active.
  • A 30 days notice is needed when terminating membership.
  • All unused sessions expires/forfeited 30 days after a membership ends.
  • In the case of when a payment doesn’t go through, the card will be tried again. Monthly sessions and/or roll-overed sessions cannot be redeemed and is paused until payment is current.
  • Pausing Membership: 30 days notice is needed. Can be paused up to 3 months maximum.
  • Birthday Perk: Complimentary 45 min SMRT Focus Session can only be redeemed during the member's birthday month. Offer expires/forfeited when a member doesn't book it within their birthday month.
  • Memberships cannot be shared with family or friends.
  • Refunds are accepted within 48 hours of starting a membership and sessions have not been redeemed.
  • All policies (rescheduling, cancellation, late arrival, professional conduct) will be honored by each member. Chrizza Venturina/Krystalline Flow Wellness has the discretion of terminating a membership when a policy is not respected.