Location & Parking Instructions

Krystalline Flow Wellness is located at
120 Kisco Ave., Suite Q,
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Hours (per appointment only)
Wednesday: 12pm to 6:30pm
Thursday: 12pm to 6:30pm
Friday: 12pm to 6:30pm
Saturday 12pm to 4:30pm

Email: krystallineflow@gmail.com
Phone number: (914) 659 8369
Instagram: @KrystallineFlow

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Location, Parking Information & How to find Suite Q

Please park in the bigger parking lot shared with Zumbach. (That will be right side when facing the building, 120 Kisco Ave. If Zumbach is not sharing the parking lot then, you are located at the wrong side and you will not find my door.) 

Feel free to park closer to the back. On the side of the building at the very back, you’ll see mailboxes and there will be a maroon door after that, with the sign Krystalline Flow Wellness.

Enter the door, go straight towards the two chairs and turn left. Suite Q will be 3 doors down on the right side.


Feel free to call Chrizza if you are having trouble finding the room or would rather meet in the parking lot to be walked inside.



(If you need other location markers, 120 Kisco Avenue is located across the street from the Mt. Kisco Hardware Store.) 

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