SMRT Focus Session

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) is a positional release modality that alleviates pain and chronic conditions. It is applied by subtly moving a tissue or body part into the position of ease and holding this position for 20 to 45 seconds. This technique allows the proprioceptors in the muscles and tendons in decreasing imbalanced activity/sensitivity which restores length in shortened tissues. This can be experienced as a relaxing modality, at the same time, targeting the fascia, deeper layers of tissues and individual muscle fibers.

SMRT can decrease inflammation, alleviate pain and chronic conditions even if the pressure and application is lighter. An SMRT position can feel small/subtle but, since it targets the fascia, it works deeply within the body. In this case, the client will experience little to no pain compared to deep tissue massage. It targets the nervous system differently and it will be a relaxing experience.


SMRT Focus Session

In a 60 min session, we'll be able to target one to two problem areas on your body. The main application is a series of positional release which is subtly moving a body part into a passive contraction and holding that position for 20-45 seconds. Before applying SMRT positions, palpation will be applied to assess where the tension areas are. 

Since there are a series of SMRT positions to be applied and they do take time, we can only address 1-2 problem areas. The first session will be local to your area of concern. Additional session may be suggested to look at the bigger picture and see if the issue is being caused by a different body part.

Please keep in mind, an SMRT focus session is not your usual spa experience. There's not much gliding motions and it's not a full body massage. This session can also be done with clothes on.

    For those that want to get an idea of how an SMRT positions are applied, here is a demo video by Dawn Lewis, the instructor of this modality (fast forward to 1, 4:30 and 6 min). 


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