All testimonials are greatly appreciated! Not only does it help Chrizza know how the clients feel about the session, it also helps future clients to decide if Krystalline Flow Wellness is the right fit for them. Thank you so much for taking the time to share some lovely words ^_^

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Thank you Chrizza for guiding me through the Timeline (Breathwork) Repatterning session. It was an amazing experience filled with all the right elements to get your energy and emotions flowing. I left feeling hopeful and excited about what is to come for me and I am very grateful for the experience.
- Jenn


After moving to the area several years ago, we’ve searched and tried most of the bigger name massage outfits in the area and seemingly always left ho hum, at best. Covid let us walk away from further attempts and, to be honest, I didn’t miss the experience after so much disappointment. My wife found Chrizza and decided to give her a shot. I’m glad we did - Chrizza is one of the best message therapist in the area. My appointments have grown to 2 hour sessions.


Secret massage gem! The space is relaxing and inviting, I always feel rejuvenated after my visits.


I usually book a 90 min massage but, it’s never enough because it’s so good! One time my wrist was hurting and Chrizza did this move (she called it SMRT) and it was really cool and the pain went away after a few sessions. The pressure was great throughout the massage, it was just right and never too much or too light. I can’t wait for my next session!


Chrizza was warm and welcoming. This set the stage for an absolutely incredible massage and energy work. Having 10 minutes for tea after the massage was a wonderful way to transition My body, mind and spirit are centered and in balance. I will definitely be booking another massage!!! Thank you Chrizza.


Chrizza is a true healer! The massage and energy healing session was amazing. The session was very relaxing and afterwards the peacefulness stayed with me throughout the day. No doubt that was due to Chrizza’s unique intuitive abilities as a healer as well the care and compassion she brings to each session. I found the suggestions and guidance she offered regarding maintaining the feeling of calm and tranquility outside of the session very helpful as well. I look forward to my next session with Chrizza and I highly recommend her services for those looking for relaxation, peace and balance.


I had a beautifully healing experience with Chrizza. Chrizza is a warm person with a beautiful energy making her clients feel comfortable immediately. After talking about specific goals and needs, she was able to tailor the session to cater to them perfectly. Her massage was so wonderful and her hands are magic. The crystal energy healing portion was eye (and chakra) opening. Chrizza was able to move energy thought out me in ways I've never felt before. I left the session feeling so blissful and my body so free and light. Chrizza follows up, and makes sure her clients are well taken care of. She's passionate about what she does and it shows in the effects of her work.

I received a massage and a crystal healing session combo from Chrizza and I came out of the session revived and rejuvenated. My mind and body felt more in balance. I will definitely be booking more sessions with her in the future. She is an incredibly gifted healer and I am very lucky to have found her.
- C. Lee

I booked an appointment with Chrizza after a particularly bad break up. I was looking for help with easing my anxiety and increasing optimism. Chrizza saged the room and stones before starting while I lay on the table waiting for my session to start. I believe she placed stones on me and also in my hands. She started working by holding her hands over numerous spots. She explained what she was doing as well. That's all I remember because I then fell asleep! I'm not a big napper but I guess the experience was just very relaxing. We spoke after the session and she told me what to expect. I left with a bit of a kick in my step and felt good after.
-Dora F

I didn’t know what to expect when I booked my first crystal energy healing session with Chrizza. I felt compelled to try because I was seeking emotional healing and empowerment after ending an abusive long-term relationship. I had met Chrizza through work and I was drawn to her positive and gentle energy, and after peppering her with a few questions I knew I wanted to try this with her. She made me feel completely comfortable during my initial consultation to open up and talk about what I was feeling and what I wanted to achieve. She listened carefully and immediately suggested several crystals that would help facilitate my goals. Once I was on the table, Chrizza’s simple statement, “You are in a safe and loving space,” spoke so deeply to me: it was affirmation that I deserved to be safe and loved, and that this was a time to focus on me, my needs, my body—without guilt. Her touch as she moved through the hand positions was tender and comforting yet confident, and never felt invasive. Afterwards, she was very generous in answering my questions, explaining which crystals she used, where they were placed, and why. My first experience with Chrizza truly changed my life! I learned that self-care encompasses so much more than a good night’s sleep and good hygiene; but that giving one’s self the opportunity to comfort your body and mind can mean all the difference in how you feel and on your emotional perspective of your experiences. Crystal Energy Healing is a tool that, for me, enables my empowerment, increases my focus and helps me find my voice, as it gives me time to reflect on my deepest desires and motivations. Since this, my first experience with alternative/Eastern healing, I have come to believe greatly in the power of crystals to help restore imbalances and embolden latent strengths. I highly recommend crystal healing with Chrizza because her healing instincts and formal training allow her to develop a creative, effective and clear plan to address physical and emotional needs.
-Elizabeth D

Chrizza provides a unique service that is not only notable within the healing service world but most certainly is essential to well being. She brings her passions forth in a genuinely compassionate way which makes you feel right at home when you speak to her. By having a conversation she gives her practical and heart felt advice to guide the session to your best healing benefit. During the session I loved the energy she brought to the table, pun intended. After the session I had many questions and she managed to take her own time to assist me in any of my own inquiries. I look forward to having another session with her and would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for healing, relaxation, and just an overall positive shift in their life.
-James H

This healing has been much more effective than any other healing I have had and that is coming from a Reiki Master. Chrizza's gentle healing left me rejuvenated, confident, and courageous. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I had been to a few doctors and countless tests only be told they didn’t know why I was so fatigued. With one session with Chrizza I had all of my energy back and feel better than I had my whole life. I also found myself being more patient and present. Thank you Chrizza! You're a talented healer and this energy healing was a miracle in my life!!!!
- Jan

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