Therapeutic Massage

"Whether you are coming for pain relief, easing discomfort, self-care and/or soothing your nervous system, I got your back!"

Chrizza Venturina, your licensed massage therapist, listens to your wellness intentions and goals to tailor the massage and techniques that would best support you. An entire session can be local on a specific area focusing on alleviating tension and pain or, a full body for relaxation while targeting tension areas. Pressure preference is taken into consideration while respecting the muscle state and tone. 

Multiple modalities that may be utilized throughout the session are Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy (Deep Tissue), Neuromuscular Therapy (trigger point) and Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (a positional release modality). 



What makes Krystalline Flow Wellness unique?

  • You will receive the full hands-on time indicated. Please schedule your day accordingly and add an additional 10-15 minutes to be in the office.
  • A mixture of jojoba and shea butter is typically used and your choice of aromatherapy:
    • Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Marjoram, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Atlas Cedarwood, Lemon (steam distilled).
  • Included in your session is 10 minutes of Snooze/Tea time. When the massage portion is finished, Chrizza will step out the room, and you can lie down a bit more, stretch and/or, drink a warm cup of tea; the tea blends are handcrafted by Chrizza.
Krystalline Flow Wellness - Handcrafted Tea Bar


Swedish utilizes long, sweeping and gliding motions of light to medium pressure promoting circulation and relaxation. This is the basic massage that many have experienced at spas.
Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT) or commonly known as deep tissue, utilizes slow sustained pressure addressing the deeper layers of the fascia, muscles and connective tissue. At times, forearms and knuckles are utilized. It can feel both relaxing and intense. It assists on alleviating chronic adhesions and tighter areas of the body at the same time, respecting the muscle tone so that, it's not extremely painful.
SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) is a positional release modality which can alleviate pain and chronic conditions. It is applied by subtly moving a tissue or body part into the position of ease and holding this position for 20 to 45 seconds. This technique allows the proprioceptors in the muscles and tendons to decrease imbalanced activity/sensitivity which restores length in shortened tissues. This can be experienced as a relaxing modality since the pressure and movement are light and subtle while still able to target the fascia, deeper tissues and individual muscle fibers.


Chrizza’s skills as a massage therapist is remarkable. She consistently hones in on specific areas of my body that I would like focus on and she provides a tailored and therapeutic experience. I feel that communication is key and I am able to convey my preferences to Chrizza. She then ensures that our session is personalized to perfection. Krystalline Flow Wellness is a true gem!

Literally the hidden gem of massage in Mount Kisco. Massage pressure is just right and I always feel comfortable to tell her if it’s too hard or light but for the most part I just let her know when she’s working at a good “tight muscle spot” that I'd like for her to work on longer for. I always book a 2 hour massage and its so great, most times, I feel like time just flies and I wish it wasn’t over yet. I love how afterwards she gives you time to either just lay and relax or enjoy a cup of tea! Hibiscus 🌺 🍵 tea is my go to. Highly recommend!

I'm so grateful I was referred to Chrizza by a good friend who is also in the massage/bodywork field. I came to her with a tedious flare up from a past injury (forearm, wrist), which she skillfully addressed. I experienced immediate relief and I haven't had any pain return. It's really a gift to have your exact concerns addressed fully and completely within a session. As a wellness practitioner myself, I have so much respect and appreciation for the caliber of service she provides. Highest recommendation.

 I can’t say enough positive things about Krystalline Flow! Each time I step into the space, I am made to feel comfortable and supported. Chrizza listens, really hears you, and what your concerns are - and then addresses them in your session, while also giving you suggestions (if appropriate) to try on your own. In addition, I have never felt rushed while there. And her teas are delicious!

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