Are you stressed?
Do you experience general aches, pain and stiffness?
Are you overusing a certain body part due to work?
Is your mind overactive or anxious?

Massage Therapy can help! 

There are many benefits of massage such as:
-increasing blood flow and circulation
-relieves pain, headache and/or migraine
-improves parasympathetic functions, promoting stress relief
-eases muscle tension
-increase range of motion and flexibility
-improves lymphatic circulation and immunity
How can Chrizza's style specifically help you?
Chrizza has worked at numerous spa and has worked on various types of people with different concerns. Her massage style is therapeutic, honing on specific muscle fibers and relaxing at the same time. Therapeutic style targets the deeper layers of the fascia and muscle but never too the point that it's extremely painful. You'll be able to feel relaxed and know that you received productive work.


How can Energy Healing help you? 

Do you wake up and feel heavy?
Does your heart feel weary?
Do you experience: Anxiety? Overthinking? Insecurity? Lack of drive? Restless?
Do you notice specific patterns in your life?
Do you want to have more awareness about your body and emotions?

When you experience any of those things above, it usually means that your energetic system is out of balance. At first, these imbalances are subtle and over time, they show up through various mental and emotional challenges.
Through, breathwork and awareness, it assist the body to be able to flow into a more natural state. Most of the time, our body is communicating to us what it's experiencing. Certain energies and emotions can remain stagnated within our bodies. When you place your hand on a specific body part, let's say your shoulders and intend to listen, you may find out that the energy of 'burden' or 'not being good enough' is present. When there is an awareness between the body part and the conscious mind, and breathwork is applied, it supports the flow of energy within the body and those energies can be released much easily.


How can Massage & Energy Healing combo assist you?

You might think that the aches, pain and tightness you experience in your body is purely physical, maybe caused by certain posture, movement or activities. Though, when we look at our physical body in a holistic system, those aches and pains can also be due to energies/emotions you experience daily that becomes stagnated and stuck within a body part or muscle.
Through massage and the physical manipulation of each tissues, not only it assists on releasing muscle tension but, also promotes energy flow. Now, combine massage, having an awareness of what type of energy is present in the body and applying breathwork at the same time, it becomes a much more thorough therapeutic support that is whole-rounded.


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