Therapeutic Massage

Krystalline Flow Wellness customizes each session to your needs. Multiple techniques/modality are utilized throughout the session that would be of most benefit to your body such as Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy (Deep Tissue), Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (a positional release modality), Neuromuscular Therapy and Reflexology.



What makes Krystalline Flow Wellness unique?

  • You will receive the full hands-on time indicated (except for late arrivals).
  • You can choose which type of oil/lotion or butter you prefer and aromatherapy/essential oils.
    • Jojoba Oil, Vegan Lotion, Shea Butter or Cacao Butter
    • Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Marjoram, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Atlas Cedarwood, Lemon (steam distilled), Balm Mint Bush
  • Included in your session is a 10 minutes Snooze/Tea time. When the massage portion is finished, Chrizza will step out the room, and you can continue to lie down up to 10 minutes or, drink a warm cup of tea; the blends are handcrafted by Chrizza.
Krystalline Flow Wellness - Handcrafted Tea Bar


Therapeutic Massage

Chrizza's natural style in massage is a mix of swedish, connective tissue therapy (CTT/deep tissue) and positional release (SMRT). An entire session can be local on a specific area focusing on alleviating adhesions and pain. Or, it can be a full body for a mix of relaxation and targeting tight areas. Pressure is applied according to the individual's preference and most importantly, the muscle tone.



Swedish utilizes long, sweeping and gliding motions of light to medium pressure promoting circulation and relaxation. This is the basic massage that people usually get at spas.
Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT) utilizes slow sustained pressure addressing the deeper layers of the fascia, muscles and connective tissue. At times, forearms and knuckles are used. It can feel both relaxing and intense. It assists on alleviating chronic adhesions and tighter areas of the body at the same time, respecting the muscle tone so that, it's not extremely painful.
SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) is a positional release modality that alleviates pain and chronic conditions. It is applied by subtly moving a tissue or body part into the position of ease and holding this position for 20 to 45 seconds. This technique allows the proprioceptors in the muscles and tendons in decreasing imbalanced activity/sensitivity which restores length in shortened tissues. This can be experienced as a relaxing modality since the pressure and movement are light and subtle at the same time, targeting the fascia, deeper tissues and individual muscle fibers.

*SMRT currently applicable to Head, Neck, Hands, Arms, Chest, Axilla, Ribcage and Upper Back.