Chrizza's Story

Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist of Krystalline Flow Wellness

My interest in massage therapy started in 2012. I was in college, burned out, stressed, depressed and felt that I was not receiving enough for the time and energy that I exerted. In turn, I spent the next year focusing on self-care and self-love. I made shifts such as switching to a degree that interested me more, spending time with those that truly see me for me and less time in activities that didn't nourish me.

Throughout that time, I was receiving monthly massages which assisted in nourishing myself when my body was feeling achy and heavy. It helped relieve stress and I felt more balance within. From then, I realized that this is something that I can see myself doing. I thought, "How awesome would it be to go to work and know that clients are looking forward to seeing you?"

Three years later, I was able to attend Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt. Kisco, NY. It was a one-of-a-kind experience, each learnings flowed so naturally, my heart was happy and I knew I was meant to learn this. I truly enjoyed being in the flow of movement while massaging. There was a rhythm, not only with the technical application of the massage techniques, but, with what each body part and muscles needed in that area.

That time in college and learning massage were one of the turning points in my life and the beginning of my journey to stay true to my heart. Since, I didn't want to continue being unhappy and depressed, in some way, it was a promise to myself to keep following what my heart and soul urged regardless if it was out of the norm.

As massage was one of the tools that helped me, my intention with my practice and as Krystalline Flow Wellness is to be able to assist you when you're feeling weary and needs nourishment; to be a space where you can BE and listen to what your body and heart are saying.

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