I'm Chrizza (🔈Kri-sha) Venturina

Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Practitioner, Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, Human Design Reflector, Plant-based living

Massage was the self-care practice I committed to when I was stressed in college. Little did I know, the world it would lead me to in the next years to come.

In addition to the obvious benefits of massage like relaxation, stress relief and muscle recovery, I noticed the difference in how my body was feeling, from feeling heavy to lighter. Over time, massage awakened my curiosity and connection with my body. It sparked a determination to listen to the silent voice of my Heart & Soul and make changes despite of what others may say.

Through that, I was led to the world of energy and crystal healing. It opened my awareness that our body is so much more than the physical and that, what we see, feel and experience has an energetic story behind it. When we shift things with our physical body, it shifts our energetic blueprint. Likewise, when we shift things in the energy level, our physical experience changes too.

Throughout the past 11 years of being a seeker and finding the deeper purpose of life, it was massage, energy healing, oils, herbs and crystals that have assisted me in caring for myself and living a creative and purposeful life in which, I am happy and that my Soul can breathe. Now, I would love to share those learning and support to the community.

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