2024 Greetings

How's the start of the new year going for you? 

If the new year inspires you to set goals and start new routines and you naturally have the energy to get the ball rolling, I wish you the best and take advantage of that new year buzz! I'll be here to support you with massage when you need that balance between the doing and being. 

If this new year feels slow for you and you just can't get the ball rolling despite the plans you have in mind, I hope you know that there's nothing wrong with you and that you are not alone! For some, they feel that breath of fresh air and new energy when Spring comes. It's totally ok to take it slow and follow the rhythm of your body! Massage can be your best friend when your body wants to feel cozy and can also be a great ally to help you connect and listen to yourself. 

Chrizza's 2024

I'm not the type to set New Year's resolutions but, I do enjoy picking 1-3 words as an intention setting for the year. For 2024, my words are Ease, Stability & Wonderful Surprises. My friends and I commemorated our words for the year with a little painting. It definitely sparked some inspiration! Maybe an activity like this can help you as well ;)

January actually marks 1.5 years since opening Krystalline Flow Wellness in Mt. Kisco, NY! 

Once again, thank you to each of you! Not only are you supporting a local small business in Mt. Kisco, as well, you are supporting a woman, an independent practitioner, a Filipino-American (born in the Philippines and moved to Northern Westchester when I was 12 years old) and most importantly, this dream to have my own private practice even when I was still in massage school back in 2015. Thank you again for trusting me to care for your body and allowing me to have a heart and soul-fulfilling career!

I wish you all the best in 2024 and see you soon!

Don't forget! It's okay to rest and take it slow! Follow the rhythm of your body and trust in your inner compass! 😉

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