VIP Wellness Membership

Monthly Massage Membership Mt. Kisco, NY

Monthly membership of two therapeutic massage sessions (90 or 120 minutes)


☀️New! Hot towels and hot stones on your back (only available with VIP Membership)

🌸Aromatherapy included

🍵Monthly Handcrafted Tea

🎉10% off any additional sessions including gift certificates (or equivalent of session price, ask for more details).

😊You can gift 1 of your sessions every 3 months.

🗓The first to receive booking availability for the month.

Session prices are locked for additional 3 months when there’s price increase. (For example: There's announcement of individual session price increase in January and yours will not increase until April.)

Limited Spots!

$330 monthly for two 90 min massage sessions ($65+ savings)

$450 monthly for two 120 min massage sessions ($85+ savings)
*Minimum of 2 months commitment

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What's the benefit of two massages per month?

There's this tendency to think that one massage a month is enough. As a massage therapists, sometimes I even fall into this habit thinking that most can only afford one massage. However, based on experience with my own body and clients, most people do need and can greatly benefit with massage every 2-3 weeks.

This is specially helpful for clients who are experiencing pain and specific issues. When massages are not too far apart from each other, the body can shift instead of falling into the same pattern that's causing pain. For some, a weekly massage for a month will experience the best result and this can then, turn into two massages a month.

For those who are physically active with an exercise routine or carrying heavy objects at work, on their feet and/or use their body a lot for work, do need more than one massage a month for maintenance. I can attest to this as a massage therapist who's standing, lunging, activating the legs, back and arm muscles while working.

Of course, listen to your body! Your body will speak to you with aches and tightness when you are ready for a massage. Usually, when it's the loudest, that's when that massage session would have been nice if it were booked earlier 😉.

Why is 60 minutes session not available for this membership?

I'm realizing that I'm the type to challenge the norm 😆. Being a massage therapist for 8 years now, I've observed many times that a 60 minutes full body massage session is not enough! Most specially, when there are specific issues clients want to address. If your intention is to relax for 60 minutes then, that is doable. However, with my style of work, most clients are coming to address specific issues and we need a minimum of 90 minutes. What happens is I spend a good amount of time addressing the major issues or the first ones I find. However, later on, I'll realize another body part need the same type of attention but, in that moment, I only have enough time to ensure that I'm able to say hi to the full body. Of course, please keep in mind that our body is connected to each other. You may be experiencing pain on your low back but, that can be stemming from tight hamstring, calves or even tight forearms 😉 or, many all at once. A 90 to 120 minutes session gives me time to do detailed work to address those issues you are coming with.

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Membership Terms of Conditions:

  • A minimum of two months commitment, membership will auto renew until notified.
  • After the first month, the next payment will be charged the 28th before the next month and then every 28th after. (For example: You start your membership on November 5th, you'll be charged on that day for your first month. You have 2 sessions to use in November.  You'll be charged Nov. 28th for the December sessions. You'll be charged on Dec. 28th for your January sessions).
  • 2 sessions must be used within the month.
  • You will be prompted to book your sessions on the first of the month (if haven’t booked already).
  • All sessions expires/forfeited when membership ends.
  • A 30 days notice is needed when terminating membership.
  • If payment doesn’t go through on the 28th, the card will be tried again the next day until payment goes through. If payment is not received 24 hours before the 1st of the month, the upcoming sessions booked will be cancelled.
  • Memberships cannot be shared with family or friends.
  • Refunds are accepted within 48 hours of purchase and sessions have not been redeemed.