Hi! I'm Chrizza Venturina

Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Facilitator & Creative

In astrology, my signs are Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon; that tells a lot about how I work too!

Virgo Sun grounds me to the Earth and my Body. Pisces Moon lets me swim through the watery realm of energy. Those two aspects shows up in my interest of healing and improving oneself physically and energetically and through natural ways. That's how I enjoy being of service through massage, energy healing and the handcrafted products I make.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I come from a spa background in which I've worked with various types of clients. The commonality I've heard is that they enjoy my deep tissue techniques (officially that's called Connective Tissue Therapy on my website). Since college, I've had on-off relationship with working out and weight training. This gives me first-hand experience of how consistent massage helps your body when you have an exercise routine or even, when you have a physically straining job.

As you get to know me and my services, you'll see that I link the physical experience we have to the energetic story behind itI infuse intuition in each of my work; that shows up through the intention I have when creating products, through the natural flow of movement in massage sessions and through listening to the energies present in your body during an energy healing.

I look forward on helping people feel better, who want to improve how they're feeling and truly values taking care of their body.

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