Crystal Healing

Crystals are solid, geometrically shaped and have their own crystalline structure. They are formed as the Earth grows and changes. Some are created through high pressures, magma, chambers deep underground, laid upon layers and others dripped into a structure.

With the unique crystalline structure of each crystals, they emit a specific type of frequency/vibration/energy that are able to support and stabilize our energy field. The human body's energy field are affected by our emotions, mental thoughts and life events. During times of challenges, crystals are able to support us holistically and can address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

crystal healing

Crystal Healing Session (1 Hour)

A 1 hour session including intake combining the healing properties of crystals and breathwork.

After an initial assessment of your physical, emotional and/or spiritual needs, specific crystals will be chosen that can best assist you at the moment. You will then lie down on a massage table, fully clothed. The crystals will be placed along the energy centers of the body, hands and feet. Throughout the session, Chrizza will utilize energy healing through breathwork, intuitively listening to energies and emotions present to a particular area of your body.

This session is non-invasive and relaxing. Most experience improved energy flow, feeling refreshed and replenished. This can be a great addition to your wellness practice assisting you to become aware of what energies are present in your body. Through that awareness, it can empower you to fulfill your needs and make necessary shifts in your life.


Krystalline Flow Massage (120 Min)

A 120 Minute Massage & Crystal Healing combo. This combines all the tools of therapeutic massage, breathwork and crystal healing into one session.

After the intake assessing your massage and energy healing needs, the session will start with massage therapy (approx 60-90 min) and flow into a crystal healing session.

Since this is a full 120 min session, please schedule your day to be in the office with an additional 15-20 minutes of talking. 

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