Angel Fund Jar

Update: As of 09/19, we have $75 in the Angel Fund. $65 more to go for a session to be available!

Donations will fund a 60 Min Massage Session to someone that can benefit from a session but cannot afford it.


How did the Angel Fund Jar came to be?

If you've read the page: Appointment Procedures & FAQs, it states that I don't accept gratuity after a massage session.

However, there are clients that really love tipping and it brings them happiness to do so! I don't want to take that away from you.

Hence, the Angel Fund Jar came to be! Any tips or donation will go towards funding a 60 Min Massage to someone that cannot afford a session.


How does it work?

When the funds accumulate the price of a 60 Min. Massage Session ($140), I'll pick a name from the Angel Fund and a massage can be redeemed!


How can I donate?

You can leave cash in the Angel Fund Jar after your session or during demo events. Or, you can click the donate button below:


I would like a chance to receive a massage session, how can I enter my name for the Angel Fund?

Please email the following to or through the contact form below:

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Phone Number
4. Location: Town, City
5. How can you benefit from a massage?

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