August Recap & Updates

My August was about choosing me and nourishing myself.
That for me was:
- Leaving an environment that was no longer healthy for me.
- Acknowledging the energies that I'm feeling within and a lot of clearing meditations.
- Taking it slow when I need it (and not feeling guilty or having any type of "should have" statements in my mind).
- Receiving massage and energy work.
- Stretching and moving my body.

The start of August was energetically heavy however, I applied my tools, had a lot of Me Time and I'm heading to the end of August feeling more peaceful!

How's your August going so far?
Feel free to comment below or send me an email at
Hearing a snippet of how you are and where you're at, gives me a chance to reflect on how I can hold better space for you. I'm also curious to see if there's any energetic pattern that most experienced this month.

What's the intention of this blog post?

I was thinking of doing a once or twice a month newsletter however, I remembered disliking them when I was using mailchimp before. I decided to use a blog post instead to write about updates or a recap of how the month went. We'll see how it goes!

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Highlighting offerings that were rolled out this month

75 Minutes Session

If you want a full body massage and energy healing, this is the minimum length we need for the session. 90 Minutes is still ideal specially, if I don't see you more than once a month.

I've offered 60 minutes combo before with massaging only the upper body, however, I feel pressed for time. I also don't feel confident that we're getting deep enough with both side of the body and energy work. Hopefully, the 75 minutes will be the middle ground for that.

Session Packages

With the amount of stress we experience and the activities we do for the whole month, receiving consistent bodywork is really important! When there's consistency, the tissues remember and we can actually get to the deeper layers quickly. We can also target different areas in your body.

Let's say you have an active lifestyle and you exercise three to five times a week. Or, even if you don't and you're sitting for long periods of time. Your muscles are experiencing a lot of strain and stress during those times. If you add those hours that you're moving or your shoulders hunched and your back stiff throughout the month and compare that to the time I have with you on the table. Let's be honest, it's not a lot of time and there's a good amount of work to be done!

My intention in offering the session packages is that you get to experience and benefit from receiving consistent bodywork and it's easier on your wallet too. You can use the session package once a month, every 3 weeks, bi-weekly or even weekly.

Angel Fund Jar

I'm really excited about the Angel Fund Jar! If you're the type that loves to tip or pay-it-forward, this is for you! There's no pressure at all and only when you want to.

This creates a way for people to receive care when they're not financially able to.  I hope this creates new experience for people that can open their mind and innerstanding on how self-care is beneficial and important.


Potential Events for September

*Dates are potential and I'll confirm with an event post here and through Instagram: @KrystallineFlow

September 3 (Saturday) and September 8 (Thursday)
Demo at F45 in Mt. Kisco: There will be table set up for Intention Oils & Tea blends and I'll be offering 5 minutes massage demo on shoulders or forearms

September 17 (Saturday) 3-6pm
Demo with WMN Unite at September Fest: I'll be at WMN Unite table for 5 Min Massage Demo

September 25 (Sunday)
Demo at WMN Unite event at the Tea House in Mt. Kisco: 5 Min Massage Demo and Tea at the Tea House ;)

I'm also hoping to attend and have a tent at Mt. Kisco Farmer's Market this month, it will be a Sunday.

See you in September!

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